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Introduction To Bucket-Tipping Mine Car

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The section of the bucket-tipping mine car is V-shaped or U-shaped, supported on the overturning rail of the frame, and the car body is overturned and unloaded on the overturning rail.
The bucket-tipping mine car (side tipple-type mine car, also known as mine bucket) is mainly composed of the following parts: tramcar body, frame, buffer tramcar head, three-ring chain, tramcar pin wheel axle and wheel, etc. The bucket-tipping mine car is characterized by simple overall structure, durability, convenient use, and easy unloading of materials as long as the stop plate is opened manually. The shape can be divided into U type and V type, which can also be called bucket tramcar generally. The axle adopts roller bearing, which effectively reduces the running resistance, so it can be pulled or pushed by locomotive or manpower. The bearings are divided into solid and hollow shafts, 30313 bearings, and the solid shaft is 80 thick. The surface of the bucket-tipping mine car is made of steel plate. If there are special requirements, it can be customized according to requirements. The base is made of 14 # channel steel.
It is composed of V-shaped or U-shaped section car body, manual or pedal connecting rod, turn-over rail, frame, etc. The car body shall be overturned, unloaded and restored to its original position by the conversion of the heavy-load center of gravity and the unloaded center of gravity. The common volume is 0.6~1.7m ³.

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