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Introduction To Fixed Mine Car

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The fixed mine car is a large equipment that can complete the lifting, transportation and auxiliary operations of the open-pit mine. It is mainly used for the lifting and transportation of coal and rock in the coal mine. It has the characteristics of light weight, small volume, safe and reliable, and convenient movement. It is suitable for mining operations in open pit mines and other places.
1. Purpose of fixed mine car:
It is mainly used for lifting and transporting coal and rock (coal mine) underground mining, and also for mine infrastructure.
2. Basic composition of fixed mine car:
The car body is fixedly connected with the frame, and the tramcar must be overturned and unloaded by a car dumper. Its basic components are car body, frame, buffer, coupler and walking mechanism. The frame is of metal structure, which can withstand traction force, braking force, collision force between fixed mine car and rail impact force. Buffers are installed at both ends of the frame to ease the impact force between the two vehicles. Coupler is the part connecting locomotive and fixed mine car. The commonly used ones are pin chain link and rotary chain. Large fixed mine car adopts automatic coupler with buffer function. The traveling mechanism is composed of four wheels and two axles. When the sum of tramcars and materials exceeds 20 tons, the number of wheel sets shall be increased generally. For fixed mine car with more than two wheel sets, in order to facilitate the formation of two wheel sets into a car with a turntable through the curve, this car is called a bogie.

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