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The Basic Structural Components And Introduction Of Mine Car (II)

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Thank you for watching the basic structural components and introduction of mine car (I). Next, I will continue to share basic structural components (II) with you.
Structure 2: Frame
Including car beam, buffer and shaft clamp. The car beam is the main bearing part of the mine car, in addition to the car gravity and traction, but also to bear the impact, vibration and other additional loads in operation; The frame is usually made of special section steel with connectors and buffers at both ends. Is directly under the traction and impact of the parts, the buffer originally used coil spring to absorb the impact load, but has been gradually replaced by rubber buffer block. The shaft clamp is a connection between the frame and the wheelset. It is mainly inserted. Its simple structure can improve the operating conditions of the wheelset and prolong the service life of the bearing.
Structure 3: Wheelset
Mine car walking parts, there are two kinds of open and closed. Open wheelset with end cover, easy to disassemble and adjust bearing clearance, but easy to water. The closed wheelset has no end cover. When the bearings are repaired and disassembled, the two groups of bearings pass through the same inner hole, which is easy to cause the inner hole of the wheel to increase and fail.
Structure 4: Connectors
It is composed of traction chain, latch and latch seat; They connect harvesters into groups and transfer traction. There are three kinds of single ring, three ring and universal chain. According to the mode of action, the connector is divided into ordinary type and automatic type; According to the characteristics of the structure can be divided into rotary type and non-rotary type. The swivelable connector allows the car set to be flipped and unloaded in the circular tipper without disintegrating; Ordinary non-rotary connector, its structure is simple, it only one or three ordinary long chain ring, suitable for tipper car and side unloading car, fixed car lifting hook unloading can also be used; Universal chain for unhook dumper unloading. Large volume mine car uses automatic connector, its structure is similar to the automatic connector of railway vehicle, has the advantages of easy to use, safe operation and so on. But the structure is complicated.

Connector is an important part of safety, usually, the safety factor of the mine car connector should not be less than 6, the vehicle carrying people should not be less than 13. Tensile tests should be carried out at least once every two years, and the test load should be 2 times the maximum static load.

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