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Standard For Mine Car Testing

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Mine Car

We all know that mine cars play a very important role in mine operations, so we attach great importance to mine cars. Before or after normal use, we require mine cars to be tested. What are the testing standards?

1、 Connection device for mine car
The hook, ring, chain, pin, and hole of the mine car connecting device shall not be deformed, with a safety factor of not less than 6, and a wear amount of not more than 10% of the original size.
2. Each part of the mine car bumper is complete and free of cracks. The movement range of the elastic bumper is 10-30mm, and the spring must not be broken.

The chain link of the connecting device must be tested with a tensile force twice that of the larger static load.

2、 Car body and bottom beam of mine car
1. Spring washers shall be added to each connecting bolt of the mine car.
2.The length difference between the two diagonal lines at the upper opening of the mine car box shall not be greater than 35mm. The convex and concave depth of each surface of the vehicle body shall not be greater than 50mm, and there shall be no cracks or damages.

The deviation between the longitudinal centerline of the vehicle body and the centerline of the bottom beam shall not be greater than 8mm.

3、 Unloading part of bottom dump mine car
1. The mine car bottom and car body should be tightly combined.
2. The mine car supporting roller group is flat and straight, and the supporting roller rotates flexibly. The height difference between two adjacent supporting rollers shall not be greater than 2mm, and three of the five adjacent supporting rollers must be in a straight line.



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