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How To Test Mine Car?

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Narrow Gauge Mine Car

Side Dumping Mine Car

Coal Mining Car

The coal mining car is used as a multi-mine car type two transport machine used on roadheading machines in trackways or haul roads to solve the problem of transporting materials in existing roadheading roads. Before the narrow gauge mine car is put into use, it must be tested before it can be officially activated. Let me tell you how to test the mine car.

1. Before starting the side dumping mine car that has not been tested, use manual moving of the minecart to reverse 2 or 3 turns to avoid a collision accident.

2. The coal mining car is not allowed to start with load, which will cause electrical tripping or damage to the parts. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether there are ore or iron blocks in the crushing cavity.

3. In order to obtain qualified product particle size, the width of the discharge opening should be checked.

4. Check whether the narrow gauge mine car electrical interlocking equipment and audio signals are correct and easy to use.

5. Check the narrow gauge mine car oil level and oil temperature in the fuel tank. If the oil temperature is lower than 20 degrees, you should not drive. At this moment, you must use an electric heater or hot water for heating.

6. Check that the adjusting ring of the coal mining car locking cylinder can be started under the locked state.



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