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Mine Car: What Are The Requirements For The Maintenance Technology Of The Mining Cart?

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Mine Car

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Mining cart maintenance technology is very important for mining carts, so what are the technical requirements? Let ’s look down:

First, the wheel pair

There must be no cracks on the wheels, smooth tread, and flexible rotation.

The geometric dimensions of the tread of the wheel of a shall meet the requirements of GB4695-84. The amount of tread wear shall not exceed 45% of the original thickness, and the amount of wheel flange wear shall not exceed 35% of the original thickness. The diameter difference between two wheels on the same wheelset must not exceed 2mm.

Second, the bearing

Single-row radial ball bearings are worn, and their radial clearance must not exceed 0.5mm. Old and new bearings cannot be used in the same wheel. Overhaul mining trucks must not use old bearings.

Third, the connection device

The hole of the connection device must not be deformed, its safety factor must not be less than 6.5, and the amount of wear must not exceed 10% of its original size. The meeting parts are complete and complete without cracks. The range of movement of the elastic bumper is 10-30mm, and the spring must not break.

Fourth, the car and the bottom beam

The bottom beam must not be cracked or welded, and the rivets at the bumps must not be loose. The looseness of other rivets must not exceed 5% of the total. Each connecting bolt shall be provided with a spring washer. The difference in length between the two diagonal lines of the top of the trunk should not be greater than 35mm. The depth of the convex and concave on each side of the carriage must not be greater than 50mm, and there must be no cracks and damaged. The deviation between the longitudinal centerline of the trunk and the centerline of the bottom beam (measured at both ends of the trunk) must not be greater than 8mm.

In summary, there are four requirements for the maintenance technology of mining cart. Do you remember?



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