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Mining Cart: Components Of Side Dumping Mine Car

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Mine Car

Side Dumping Mine Car

Mining Cart

Do you know what a side dumping mine car is? The side dump mining car is an efficient and self unloading operating equipment that has no capacity and needs to be used in conjunction with traction locomotives for mining loading and unloading. One or both sides of the carriage can be opened, and the mining car can be tilted by using the unloading curve rails installed on the unloading point. The pull rod opens the side door for unloading. What the editor brings to you this time is the structural composition of the side dump mining truck. Let's take a look together!
The components of a side dumping mine car:
1. Car body, 2. Car chassis, 3. Wheel axle, 4. Unloading wheel, 5. Support spring, 6. Cushion rubber spring, and collision head. The connection between the carriage and the underframe adopts a hinge form, allowing the mining car to open at a certain angle when passing through the unloading station, so that the ore can be smoothly unloaded.

1. The front, rear, and side panels of the car body are all welded with 12mm thick 16Mn plates, and the outer sides of the car body are reinforced with groove shaped steel plates; The wing plates are welded to the left and right panels respectively, and the upper part is welded into a groove shape with angle steel, and the upper part of the angle steel is connected to the groove steel plate, so as to prevent damage to the car body in extremely harsh working environments.
2. Undercarriage. The bottom plate is made of 25mm thick steel plate, and angle steel and steel plate are welded below the bottom plate to ensure that the bottom plate can withstand the impact force of ore on the bottom plate during loading.
3. Wheel axles. The wheel axle consists of an axle, wheels, and rubber spring seats.
4. Unloading wheel. When unloading ore, the mining car is used. When the mining car passes the unloading station, the unloading wheel begins to work. It rolls along the curved track to open the bottom plate of side dumping mine car, and after unloading the ore, the bottom plate is closed to return to the loading state.
5. Cushion rubber spring and bumper. The buffer and bumper are installed at both ends of side dumping mine car, mainly composed of buffer rubber springs, bumper, pins, and single ring chains. It can ease and reduce the impact force between mining trucks, extending the service life of the vehicles.
6. Support spring. This mining car uses rubber springs as shock absorbers to expand the inclination angle of the rubber springs during installation, enabling them to withstand greater impact loads.



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