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The Applicable Conditions Of Bottom Dumping Mine Car

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Side Dumping Mine Car

Bottom Dumping Mine Car

Mine Car

1. Because the bottom side dumping mine car during unloading at the unloading station is less than the running resistance of the heavy haul train (including the electric locomotive), in order to ensure the normal and continuous completion of mine car in the unloading station: operation, unloading, empty car reset, removal of the unloading station and return to the normal transport line according to the original route, the front and back ends of the train must be each. Hang up one electric locomotive (2 in total). Otherwise, the train will not be able to discharge ore continuously through the unloading station and return from the original route by empty mine car.
2. The front and rear locomotives of mine car must be connected by wires to interlock the two mine cars. Both locomotives can be operated freely.
3. Because the unloading principle of mine car is the same as that of side-unloading mine car (only one more unloading thrust, but this thrust has no change to the unloading principle), the bottom sticking phenomenon will occur when the sticky minerals are unloaded. Therefore, in the unloading station, pressure water or pressure air should be set up to regularly wash out the bonds on the bottom of mine car to ensure normal production.
4. Because the unloading of the bottom side mine car is completed continuously along the whole unloading track, if the double-track unloading station is to be classified and unloaded into two warehouses separately, it must be arranged as a warehouse (i.e. vertical warehouse) under one curved track, and horizontal warehouse division is not allowed.
5. The structure type of automatic hook of 20t electric locomotive matched with mine car, the height from the center line of the automatic hook to the rail surface, the size of the flange plates on both sides of the electric locomotive and the height of the rail surface must be exactly the same as that of mine car.
6. When mine car is hooked, it must be in the empty state when the speed of the train is hooked, and it must not be greater than 0.5m/s.



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