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Working Mode Of Side Dumping Mine Car

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Mine Car

Side Dumping Mine Car

Mine Car Working Mode

Previously, I have introduced you to the basic structure and characteristics of mine cars. This time, I will introduce you to the side dumping mine car. The side dump mining car is a self unloading transportation device that has no capacity and needs to be used together with a traction locomotive or lifting winch. Next, let's take a look at the working modes of side dumping mine car.

The side dumping mine car cannot be used alone, but needs to be used together with a traction locomotive. If the pull rod opens the side door to unload ore, it is mainly suitable for mining, metallurgy, coal mines, railways, highway tunnels, hydraulic culverts, underground mine alleys, military culverts, and other engineering excavation, construction, and supporting simple and efficient slag removal transportation equipment.

The side dumping mine car is driven by a tractor and winch, and can be combined with a rock drill, slag raking machine, and ore slide gate discharge system for loading. The ore block size does not exceed 500 mm. According to the load capacity of the tramcar, after loading, it is led by traction power to a dedicated curved track discharge mechanism (with a running speed of not more than 1 m/sec). When the car body is turned to the horizontal at the unloading angle, the door is also opened to the full extent. At this time, the unloading of the mining truck has been completed. When returning, the tramcar automatically closes in place through the curved rail door.

The side dumping mine car is suitable for tunnel, indoor, and outdoor rail transportation operations in mining, tunnel, engineering construction, and other departments. There are three types of track gauges: 600mm, 762mm, and 900mm, for users to choose from. This vehicle is suitable for loading ore rock and sand with a block size of over 500mm. When loading block materials, the free fall height should be less than 1m.



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