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Brief Introduction Of Segmented Mine Car And Bucket Transfer Mine Car

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Today, I would like to briefly introduce the segmented mine car and bucket transfer mine car, hoping to be helpful to you.
Segmented mine car
The segmented mine car is composed of articulated car sections with an open bottom; The number of mine car is determined by the traction capacity of the locomotive. Mainly used for underground transportation of ores and waste rocks.
Compared with a car set composed of a single car, the advantages of a segmented mine car are: large volume coefficient, small self weight coefficient, short unloading and shunting time, large loading capacity, large throughput of the loading station and unloading station, and large transportation and production capacity of electric locomotives. This can reduce the number of car sets and electric locomotives, and improve the safety of underground transportation.
Bucket transfer mine car
A number of bucket transfer mine cars are connected in series, and the sides of the trams form two parallel long tracks through overlapping movable arms. A bin type trolley filled with minerals and equipped with four rollers moves on it to unload the trams one by one.
The volume of the bin truck can be equal to or one-half of the volume of the bucket truck. Each time a truck is filled, the bin truck makes one or two rounds.
Using this type of train in the excavation of single track single end roadway can save a lot of shunting time.
A fully steel structure mine car equipped with two sleeved cylinders on both sides of the lower part of the pneumatic dump truck body. There are two types of narrow gauge and quasi gauge cars.
When using this type of mine car, an air compressor must be installed on the traction locomotive or at the unloading site. When it is necessary to tip over the cargo load, compressed air is injected into the cylinder. For mines with unified compressed air pipe networks, pipeline pressure can also be used for unloading. Bucket transfer mine cars have a long service life and a small maintenance workload.

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