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How Is The Bottom Dump Mining Cart Unloaded?

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Bottom dump mine car is a kind of tramcar. This kind of coal mining car is often used to transport ore and gangue on the mine. How does this kind of mining cart unload?

1. The bottom dump mine car is the main transport equipment for transporting ore and gangue on the ground and in the underground roadway of coal mines.

2. The bottom dump mining cart is mainly composed of carriage, frame, buffer, connector, axle, etc. The car body is generally of metal structure, with buffer devices at both ends, and other couplings are used to connect mine car and mine car, tramcars and locomotives.

3. The car of the bottom dump mine car is connected with the frame by the wheel axle.

4. When the bottom dump mining cart is used, the unloading station shall be set in the shaft bottom yard, and the unloading pit shall be set in the unloading station. When the car of the tramcar is suspended in the air and moves forward along the idler, the underframe of the tramcar will automatically open downward by its own weight and the weight of the ore carried. The unloading wheel at the rear end of the car underframe will roll downward along the unloading curve, and the car bottom door will gradually open.

5. Due to the weight of ore carried and the dead weight of the wagon underframe, the wagon receives a horizontal thrust to push the train forward.

6. The ore is completely unloaded when the coal mining car passes through the unloading center. The unloading wheel rolls over the inflection point of the curved rail and gradually upward, and the frame and carriage gradually close.

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