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What Do You Know About The Maintenance Of The Coal Mining Car?

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In the coal mining industry, no one does not know the coal mining car. It can be seen that the application of the narrow gauge mine car is so extensive, but every tool has its service life, and the minecart is no exception, so how can it be a mine cart? Extend the life of the car? The answer is very clear, that is, the coal mining car needs to be maintained and maintained to prolong its service life. The question comes again, that is, how to maintain and maintain the minecart? Let me answer this question for you, let's take a look.

Mine carts are the main transportation method for mine gangue transportation. However, due to the long-term loading of gangue and materials in mine carts, they are easy to wear and deform. Therefore, some maintenance and upkeep are required.

Regular maintenance: Lubricating oil should be added to the mining wheels twice a year. At the same time as oiling, the mine should organize maintenance personnel to conduct a comprehensive inspection of each mining wheel, and check the existing wheel alignment, lack of pins, and poor contact, etc. Side dumping mine car, in vehicle condition are stored centrally, and professional and technical personnel are organized to carry out emergency repairs. At the same time, in view of the phenomenon that the car skin will be damaged or welded after being used for a certain period of time, personnel are also organized to strengthen the repair of the coal mining car skin.

First of all, before starting the newly installed narrow gauge mine car that has not been tested, use manual or crane to move the coal mining car for 2 or 3 turns to avoid collision. Minecarts are not allowed to start on-load, which will cause electrical tripping or damage to mechanical parts. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether there are ore or iron blocks in the crushing cavity.

Secondly, check the oil level and oil temperature in the fuel tank. If the oil temperature is lower than 20 degrees, you should not drive. At this time, you must use an electric heater or hot water for heating. Check the oil pressure of the locking cylinder, and the adjusting ring can be started under the locked state. After making the above inspections and making sure that no faults will occur, start the coal mining car according to the following procedure.

The application of the narrow gauge mine car not only ensures the transportation capacity of materials, but also greatly reduces the cost of roadway construction. Along with the tunnel excavation, the tracks for mine trucks are laid, and the mine trucks are directly used to transport the materials conveyed by the second conveyor. Multiple mine trucks can simultaneously transport materials, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

The above is the content of today. In addition, there are many types of narrow gauge mine car, such as fixed minecarts, bottom dump minecarts, mining flatbed trucks, tipping bucket minecarts, mining material trucks and side dumping mine car etc. Where to buy these products? You can't go wrong when you come to Shandong China Coal



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