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A Brief Introduction To The Side Dumping Mine Car

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Side Dumping Mine Car

Coal Mining Car

Mining Cart

A mining cart is a narrow-gauge railway transport vehicle that transports bulk materials such as ore, coal and ballast in mines, and generally needs to be pulled by a locomotive or a winch. And there are many types of mine carts, such as fixed mine carts, tipping bucket mine carts, bottom dump mine carts and side dump mine carts, etc. The single side curved rail side dump mine carts introduced today are the side dumping mine car.

Side Dumping Mine Car is in the process of mining cart traveling, the unloading wheel arm passes through the unloading curved rail to realize the automatic tipping and unloading and automatic reset of the car box. The curved rail side unloading mine car is composed of wheel set, frame, pin shaft, carriage, unloading curved rail, tipping wheel, pin shaft, door hook, carriage door, supporting iron rod and other components. It is driven by the track traction locomotive or hoist, and can only be unloaded to the set side on the curved rail unloading platform prepared at the unloading place. One side of the carriage is connected with the frame by means of a shaft, and an unloading roller is installed on the door of the other side.

During unloading, when the rollers move up the uphill section of the unloading curved rail along the ramp transition device of the curved rail, the carriage is inclined, and the movable side door is rotated around the pin shaft to be pulled open to start unloading. When the rollers run downhill along the inclined unloading curved rail, the carriage automatically descends and resets to close the side door by its own weight. It should be noted that when the single-side curved rail unloading mine car is lifted from the bottom of the well to the unloading platform, the hoisting hoist should slow down and go up the slope unloading platform to make it unload smoothly.

A Brief Introduction To The Side Dumping Mine Car

The advantage of the side dumping mine car is that it has a larger volume than the tipping-bucket minecart and the fixed minecart, and is automatically and smoothly unloaded. Inclined mine car hoisting-track anti-skid facility: When the single-side curved rail side-unloading mine car runs up and down in the inclined shaft, the track is forced to generate a large sliding force along the inclined direction. The rail seam is reduced, and even the bolts or road studs at the upper rail joints are pulled off and pulled out, thus affecting the driving safety. For this reason, when the inclination angle exceeds 25 degrees, the rails or sleepers must be fixed on the bottom plate of the inclined shaft. Usually every 30 to 50 meters, a concrete anti-skid bottom beam is set on the bottom plate of the inclined shaft to fix the rail.

Due to the characteristics of the unloading method of the unilateral curved rail side unloading coal mining car, the unloading space of the curved rail is small, generally only 5.2 meters long, and the unloading inclination can still reach 55 degrees, which effectively saves the development space of the shaft and reduces the Chamber size. The unloading distance is short, and the excavation volume of the coal bunker and the yard is only one third of that of other coal mining car; since the unloading curved rails are symmetrical, the two-way unloading of the side unloading mine car can be realized.

The side dumping mine car is referred to as the coal mining car. During the traveling process of the mining cart, the unloading wheel arm passes through the unloading curved rail to realize the automatic tipping, unloading and automatic reset of the car box. High efficiency, safety and reliability. The unloading is under the traction of the locomotive. When the unloading wheel climbs up the curved track, the car box is turned over, the door is automatically opened to realize the unloading, and the car box is restored to its original position after the car walks through the curved track, and the door is automatically locked.



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