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What Types Of Mining Cart Are There?

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Mining Cart

Mine Car

Mining Car

In mining coal mines, transportation equipment is indispensable. Mining Cart are transportation tools in the mine. They are simple to operate and easy to use. They are used to transport coal, ore, waste rock and other materials. According to the structure, it can be divided into the following categories:

1. Dump-type Mining Cart: sometimes also called side-turn minecart and mine bucket. The characteristics of the dump-type mine car are that the overall structure is simple, sturdy and durable, and easy to use. As long as the stopper is opened by human power, the material can be easily unloaded. Compared with the fixed minecart, this dump bucket is undoubtedly more flexible and convenient to use.

What Types Of Mining Cart Are There?

2. Fixed Mining Cart: The carriage and the frame are fixedly connected, and the minecart must be unloaded with a dumper. Its basic composition is a box, a frame, a bumper, a coupling and a walking mechanism. The frame is a metal structure that can withstand traction, braking force, collision forces between mine cars, and rail impact buffers. The shock absorbers are installed at both ends of the frame to reduce the impact between the two vehicles. The coupler is a component that connects the locomotive and the mine car. The bolt chain and the slewing chain are commonly used. The large-scale mine car uses an automatic coupler with a buffer function. The running mechanism is two wheel pairs consisting of 4 wheels and 2 axles. When the total amount of minecarts and materials exceeds 20 tons, the number of wheel pairs should generally be increased. For mining carts with more than two wheel pairs, in order to facilitate the turning of the two wheel pairs into a cart with a turntable through a curve, this cart is called a bogie.

3. Shuttle type mining cart: The bottom of this type of mining cart is equipped with conveying parts like a conveyor belt. When loading coal, the front part will be loaded first, and then this conveyor will transfer the coal to the back, and wait until it is full. This type of mining cart is not called a shuttle-type mining cart in the shape of a shuttle, but because the workload of this winch is larger than the above-mentioned several mining carts, and it is named because of its shuttle-like shuttle transportation.

4. Bottom (side) dump Mining Cart: One or both sides of the car can be opened. The mine cart can be tilted by the unloading curved rail installed on the unloading point. Use gravity to open the unloading back or side (bottom unloading). This form of mining cart is similar to the single-sided curved rail dump truck mentioned above.

5. Single-side curved rail side dump mine car: One or both sides of the cart of this type of Mining Cart can be opened. The mine cart is tilted by the unloading curved rail installed on the unloading point, and the side door is opened for unloading by pulling the rod.



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