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Installation Requirements Of The Mine Car

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Mine Car

Mining Car

Mining Cart

Mining cart is a narrow-gauge railway transportation vehicle that transports bulk materials such as coal, ore, and vermiculite in a mine. Generally, it must be pulled by a locomotive or a winch.

Preparation for mine car installation

Before installing the mine cart, first check the installation position of the minecart, check the track laying, and check whether the parallelism and flatness of the two rails meet the requirements, and make timely adjustments. The top of the straight track should be at the same level, and the allowable error in the length direction should not exceed 1mm per meter and 3mm per 10m. The permissible error on the corresponding measuring points in the left and right directions does not exceed 2mm.

After carefully checking that there are no problems, according to the installation requirements, ensure that the centerline of the wheelset of the minecart coincides with the centerline of the track.

Precautions for commissioning and use of mining trucks

During the trial operation, observe whether the pair of mine wheels and the track are in conflict with each other, and timely deal with them to prevent damage to the mine cart. During the trial operation, observe the mine car sliding along the slope and colliding with another mine car, and observe whether the car body is inclined, out of track, or overturned. During the trial operation, observe whether the mine car is traveling on a track with a small radius of curvature, and whether there are collisions, interference, and railing.

The mine car should be carefully inspected for serious bumps and damages before use. The wheels should be flexible and free of jams. In the case where the user complies with the rules for the use of the mining cart, within six months from the date of arrival, it is indeed damaged or fails to work properly due to poor manufacturing quality, and the manufacturer should repair or replace it for free. When replacing the bearing, the bearing frame opening must be outward. After the bearing is installed in the wheel, proper clearance should be maintained and it should not be crushed to death. Seals should use original accessories to ensure sealing performance.

Installation Requirements Of The Mine Car

Matters needing attention in the operation of the mine car:

a. Operate strictly in accordance with operating procedures.

b. Overload operation is not allowed.

c. During the work of the minecart, the minecart shall not be manually cleaned.



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