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How Many Parts Does A Dump Mining Cart Consist Of?

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Mining Cart

Mine Car

Mining Car

As a mine's transportation equipment, of course, it is inseparable from a dump Mining Cart. It is easy to operate and flexible in operation. It is one of the necessary conditions for coal miners to mine. With it, it can reduce the pressure of workers when they work.

The structure of the dump Mining Cart is simple, sturdy and durable, and the material can be easily unloaded as long as the stop plate is manually opened.

The dump mine car is relatively highly automated. The roller bearings are used on the axles, which effectively reduces the running resistance, so it can be pulled or pushed by the locomotive or manpower.

The dump truck does not require any auxiliary facilities, and can be automatically turned left and right, which is flexible and lightweight.

How Many Parts Does A Dump Mining Cart Consist Of?

Structural composition of dump truck

The dump type minecart is composed of a carriage, a frame, a bumper, an axle and the like.

1. The car box is made of welding such as box plate, end cover, edge angle.

2. The frame is made of channel steel, tipping type mining cart-angle steel, bumper, axle card and other welding.

3. The wheel set consists of wheels, shafts and bearings.

4. The Mining Cart connecting pin is composed of Φ40mm high-quality carbon junction steel and hand ring welding.



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