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Performance Characteristics Of Mining Flatbed Mining Cart

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Mining Flatbed Mining Cart

Mining Cart

Mine Car

There are many transportation equipment in mines. Mining flatbed Mining Cart is a common transportation tool. It is used in airports, port railway stations, factories and large warehouses. At the same time, it is suitable for underground mining, transporting equipment or other items along underground roadways and surface industrial sites.

The load-bearing structure of mining flatbed Mining Cart is reasonable and safe, simple and durable. Low production cost, suitable for small tonnage mineral transportation. Simple mining flatbed truck adopts modified single-row radial ball bearing, which can be used normally under the condition of harsh environment and uneven road, and the dust is very serious, which greatly prolongs the service life. Generally, inflated solid tires are used, with low surface height, large loading capacity, and no danger of puncture or puncture.

Performance characteristics of mining flatbed

(1) The double spring buffer traction mechanism of the mining flatbed truck has a buffer to prevent cargo damage when the vehicle starts or brakes sharply.

(2) The steering mechanism adopts advanced manufacturing technology and is strong and durable.

(3) The traction cage can be adjusted up and down. The traction heads of different tonnages or forklifts can be adjusted simply.

(4) Suspension type frame, compared with the traditional hard connection (welding), reduces the long-term stress damage of the car body and has a longer service life.

Performance Characteristics Of Mining Flatbed Mining Cart

(5) The axles can be adjusted automatically.

(6) Spring steel shock absorbers are optional for the front and rear wheels to reduce bumps and damage to the cargo.

(7) Equipped with universal joints for extremely flexible operation.

(8) 180-degree slewing frame for mining flatbed Mining Cart



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