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Shandong China Coal Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. Won The ‘Shandong Province Integrity Enterprise’ Title

Date:2024-06-29     Label:

China Coal News Shandong Province Integrity Enterprise

On June 27th, the awarding ceremony of "the province's enterprise integrity construction experience exchange meeting and Shandong Province integrity enterprises and excellent integrity entrepreneurs" was held in Weihai under the guidance of Shandong Province Industry and Information Technology Department and hosted by Shandong Province Integrity Construction Promotion Association. Ltd., a subsidiary of China Coal Group, was honored with the title of "Shandong Province Integrity Enterprise", and Han Yong, General Manager of China Coal Group, was honored with the title of "Shandong Province Excellent Integrity Entrepreneur". Mr. Ma, General Manager of Shandong Zhongcheng Heavy Industry (Yantai) Co., Ltd. attended the ceremony on behalf of the Group.

The selection of "Shandong Province Integrity Enterprises" and "Excellent Integrity Entrepreneurs" is strictly evaluated and screened under the guidance of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology and the Provincial Market Supervision Administration by the Shandong Province Integrity Building Promotion Association based on the standards of "General Principles for Evaluating Integrity of Enterprises" and "General Principles for Evaluating Integrity Entrepreneurs", and so on. The selection was made under the guidance of Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology and Provincial Market Supervision Administration. A total of 50 enterprises were honored as "Shandong Province Integrity Enterprises" and 37 entrepreneurs were evaluated as "Shandong Province Excellent Integrity Entrepreneurs".

Since its establishment thirty years ago, China Coal Group has always adhered to the development principle of "science and technology as the forerunner, quality as the life, and service as the core", with integrity as the cornerstone, practicing the concept of integrity with practical actions, and has been awarded as the national, provincial, and municipal "contract-abiding and credit-abiding enterprise" for many times. The company has been awarded as "Contract-keeping and Credit-keeping Enterprise" at national, provincial and municipal levels. Consistently adhere to the deep ploughing of the main industry, to keep the right and innovation, to mining equipment, construction machinery innovation as an advantage, through continuous increase in scientific research investment, technological iteration and update, strict quality control, customer tracking and feedback and other initiatives, in order to ensure product quality and reliability of the stability and reliability of the products, to provide customers with high quality and personalized service. The Group vigorously promotes the construction of corporate and professional ethics, integrity management, scientific development, advocate the spirit of integrity, promote the culture of integrity, and establish a good corporate cultural atmosphere and brand image.

In the next step, China Coal Group will continue to play a leading and exemplary role as an enterprise of integrity, actively create a business environment of integrity-based, promise-keeping, cohesion of consensus on integrity, convergence of the strength of integrity, promote the high-quality development of the Group, and contribute to the construction of a modernized and strong province in the new era of the strength of China Coal!



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