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Selection And Development Trend Of Mine Car

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Mine Car

Mine Car Volume

Trackless Mine Car

The mine car volume is determined based on the annual transportation volume. Fixed mine car with a volume of 0.6~1.2m are used in mines with an annual transportation capacity of less than 300000 tons; A fixed mine car with a volume of 1.2 to 2.0 m is used in a mine with a capacity of 300000 to 600000 tons; For mines with a capacity of over 600000 tons, fixed mine car with a volume of 2.0 to 10m are used. The number of mine cars required for a mine can be estimated using the empirical method, which is to determine the number of mine car occupied based on 40% of the designed daily production of the mine, plus 10% of the number of repair cars. The number of material vehicles is determined by the amount of material consumed by the mine day and night. The number of flat cars can be calculated as 1% of the total number of mine cars.

Trackless mine car should be used in new trackless mines or in the technical transformation of trackless mines. Trackless mine car can transport bulk materials, as well as mechanical equipment and personnel. The structure of a trackless mine car for transporting bulk materials is similar to a shuttle mine car, and a scraper conveyor is installed at the bottom of the mine car to transport materials outward from the excavation work. It has a bright future under suitable mining conditions.



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