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Classification And Explanation Of "Mining Truck/Mine Car"

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Mining Truck

Mine Car

dump truck

The term "mining truck/mine car" is a general term, which is actually quite abundant among the vehicles used in mining. It includes enclosed and self dumping vehicles for transporting coal/sand and gravel aggregates/metals, non-metallic mineral raw materials/equipment, as well as specialized mining trucks such as explosive trucks, water tankers, fire trucks, sanitary trucks, and human vehicles, which belong to the category of mining truck. And the term 'mining truck' mainly refers to non highway dump trucks (commonly known as' reverse short 'vehicles) in mines, commonly referred to as general mining trucks or heavy mining dump trucks. Mining heavy-duty dump trucks belong to the category of off highway dump trucks, which are used to transport bulk materials and equipment such as coal mines, sand and gravel in non highway outdoor sites such as large open-pit mines, metallurgical mines, and hydraulic engineering. In general, non highway wide body dump trucks and non highway mine dump trucks are often mixed together. The mining trucks we mentioned only refer to non highway mining dump trucks used in (open pit) mining areas and do not include non highway wide body dump trucks used in similar water conservancy projects. The scope of non highway wide body dump trucks is larger than that of non highway mine car, including both construction sites and other usage sites, as well as mine car.



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