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Matters To Pay Attention To In Daily Mining Cart Operations

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Mining Cart

Mining Cart Attention

Prohibition Of Mining Cart

Mining carts are commonly used mechanical equipment in many mining enterprises, and there are some details that need to be highly valued during the driving control or maintenance process of mining cars. Especially from the perspective of production safety, paying attention to details is a necessary guarantee for production safety. Ignoring details may bring unexpected serious consequences.

1. Prohibit to disassemble the engine oil pipe connector arbitrarily
During the daily driving process of mining carts, the power system may experience issues such as insufficient power, abnormal sound, and oil leakage. Some people are accustomed to doing some inspections. If the engine is running, be careful not to arbitrarily remove the oil pipe joints on the high-pressure side of the engine, such as the high-pressure oil pipe and common rail oil pipe. These pipelines have high internal pressure and are prone to damage if high-pressure fluid is applied before the pressure relief is completed. Therefore, before maintenance, it is necessary to turn off the engine and remove it for maintenance after complete pressure relief.
2. Prohibit randomly tap to check tire pressure
Due to the large load capacity of mining carts and the high requirements for tires, any small defects on the tires may become a hidden danger. Some customers often check whether the tire pressure is normal, but the method is not appropriate, such as using a steel pipe pry bar to hit the tire, which can easily cause injury due to a tire blowout. The normal tire pressure is very high. Once a tire bursts, the impact force is very strong, especially when there is a tire inflation phenomenon, the probability of a tire bursting is very high. Special pressure gauges should be used for appropriate tire pressure testing, rather than using other sharp objects. If protrusions are found, the spare tire should be replaced immediately.

3. Prohibit using hands, feet, and kicks to reinforce items
mining carts are mostly used for transporting ore, and sometimes they also load other goods, which may require reinforcement. Do not use brute force, such as tying a rope with a crowbar or foot. These are all dangerous actions, and if the crowbar rebounds, the risk of accidental injury is high. The reinforced goods should be reinforced with special tools to prevent damage.



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