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Precautions For Operating A Tipping Bucket Mine Car

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The tipping bucket mining car is a very common type of mining car used in mines, but many customers are not particularly clear about what to pay attention to during its installation and trial operation. Below, I will provide a detailed introduction.
Preparation before installation of tipping bucket mining car
Before installing the mining car, first check the installation position of the mining car, check the laying of the track, whether the parallelism and flatness of the two tracks meet the requirements, and make necessary adjustments.
The top of the straight track should be at the same level, and the allowable error in the length direction should not exceed 1mm per meter and 3mm per 10m.
The allowable error on the corresponding measuring points in the left and right directions shall not exceed 2mm.
Precautions for operating a tipping bucket mining car:
1. Before use, the appearance of the mining car should be carefully checked for serious collision and damage, and the wheels should rotate flexibly without jamming.
2. Within six months from the date of arrival, if the user complies with the rules for the use of mining trucks, if damage or malfunction occurs due to poor manufacturing quality, the manufacturer shall provide free repair or replacement.
3. When replacing bearings, it is necessary to make the opening of the bearing cage outward. After installing the bearing into the wheel, appropriate clearance should be maintained and it should not be crushed.
4. The sealing element should use original accessories. Precautions during operation: a. Strictly follow the operating procedures. b. Overloading operation is not allowed. c. During the operation of the mining car, manual cleaning of the mining car is not allowed.
5. The normal service life of the mining car is generally over 7500 hours and does not require maintenance. However, according to the location of use and the size of the load, corresponding maintenance dates should be established for timely cleaning, oil injection, and maintenance. Wheelsets with abnormal sounds and non rotating wheels should be replaced in a timely manner.



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