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Mine Car: Working Environment Of Side Dumping Mine Car

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Side Dumping Mine Car

Mine Car

Mining Cart

The Side Dumping Mine Car has high working efficiency, it does not have its own capacity, and needs to be used with other tractors. It is driven by a tractor and a winch. The ore lump does not exceed 500 mm. According to the load capacity of the ore cart, it is guided to the dedicated curved rail unloading mechanism by the traction power after loading (the running speed does not exceed 1m / s). When the box is turned horizontally into a large discharge angle, the door is also opened to a large extent. At this time, the unloading of the mine car has been completed. When returning, the mine cart is automatically closed again through the curved door. The side dump type dump truck type is divided into curved rail type and hydraulic type for users to choose.

Working Environment Of Side Dumping Mine Car

Side Dumping Mine Car are mainly suitable for metallurgical, mining, coal mine, railway, highway tunnels, underwater culverts, underground mines and military culverts.

The Side Dumping Mine Car itself is incapable and needs to be matched with the traction locomotive. The car is suitable for mine, tunnel, engineering construction and other departments in the tunnel, indoor and open-air rail transport operations, with gauge gauges of 600mm, 762mm, and 900mm, for users to choose. The truck is suitable for loading mineral rock and sand with a block size of more than 500mm. When loading bulk materials, its free fall height should be less than 1m.



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