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Mine Car: Structure Of Side Dumping Mine Car

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Side Dumping Mine Car

Mine Car

Mining Cart

Side Dumping Mine Car is suitable for underground or surface mining of metal mines or other mines with similar properties and mining methods to other mines to transport ore or other materials along underground roadways and ground work sites. Compared with other bottom-loading minecarts, the minecart has stable operation and low impact on electric locomotives and tractors, so it can prolong its service life. The car is sturdy and durable, easy to maintain, can be unloaded in both directions, and has a high unloading speed.

Side Dumping Mine Car consists of the following components:

Structure Of Side Dumping Mine Car

1. Car case, 2. Undercarriage, 3. Wheel axle, 4. Unloading wheel, 5. Support spring 6. Buffer rubber spring and bumper. The connection between the carriage and the chassis is in the form of a hinge, so that the mine car can be opened at a certain angle when it passes through the unloading station so that the ore can be unloaded smoothly.

1. The front, rear and side plates of the car are welded with 12mm thick 16Mn plates, and are reinforced with grooved steel plates on the outer sides of the car. It is square-shaped, and the angle steel is connected with the channel steel plate above, so that the car box will not be damaged under the harsh working environment.

2. Car chassis. The bottom plate is a 25mm thick steel plate, and angle steel and steel plate are welded under the bottom plate, so that the bottom plate can sufficiently withstand the impact of the ore on the bottom plate during ore loading.

3. Wheel axle. The axle is composed of axle, wheel and rubber spring seat.

4. Unloading wheel. It is used when the ore cart is unloading. When the ore cart passes the unloading station, the unloading wheel starts to work. It rolls along the curved track to open the bottom plate of the ore cart. After the ore is unloaded, the bottom plate is closed and returned to the loading state.

5. Buffer rubber spring and bumper. The buffer and the bumper are installed at both ends of the minecart, and are mainly composed of a buffer rubber spring, a bumper, a latch and a single ring chain. It can alleviate and reduce the impact force between the mining trucks and extend the service life of the vehicles.

6. Support spring. This Side Dumping Mine Car uses a rubber spring as a vibration damping device to expand the inclination angle of the rubber spring when it is installed so that it can withstand greater impact loads.



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