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How To Extend The Service Life Of Mine Car Bearings?

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Mine Car

Mining Cart

Coal Mining Car

The Mining Cart uses a modified single-row radial ball bearing, which can still be used normally in the case of very harsh environments, uneven roads and severe dust, which greatly extends the service life of the mining truck bearings.

How To Extend The Service Life Of Mine Car Bearings?

1.Precautions before use

1.1 Before using the mine car, you must add enough grease to each rotating wheel, and put oil or grease into each rotating part before putting it into operation.

1.2 The minecart should be carefully inspected by professionals before use. When it is confirmed that it can be operated, first test run for 50 kilometers, and then check it again before it can be turned into the normal operation state.

2.Precautions during use

2.1 Mining carts are generally used by one or more trains. When used, the number of mining carts per train is determined by the traction and braking force of the powered locomotive, but the upper limit traction cannot exceed 60KN.

2.2 In the process of loading and unloading the goods, try to avoid human actions that damage the mine car, such as impact and smashing, and effectively protect the normal use of the car body.



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